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Hello, I'm located in Pennsylvania and ride a 2014 Zero S with Powertank and a 2018 Zero FX.

- Zero S Modifications installed:
  - LED headlight (Cyclops Adventure Sports)
  - LED signal bulbs (in OEM housing)
  - LED aux lights
  - Zero-branded Givi Top Case
  - Zero Commuter Screen
  - Zero Rain Guard (rear fender)
  - Barkbusters Storm hand guards
  - Nelson-Rigg Spirit 10 side bags
  - Bikemaster Heated grips
  - Heated gear coax plug
  - Bags-Connection Tank bag
  - Fobo TPMS sensors
  - Mob Armor Switch phone mount
  - 13.0 kWh battery and 3.3 kWh power tank installed (factory warranty replacement)

I use my Zeros for the majority of my local riding at this point - commuting, errands, pleasure, and just getting around.

Photo before windscreen and aux lights:

Cecil-T 2014-Zero-S.jpg

More current photos:

FS Aug 2017-6-(ZF-3374-57477-1-001).jpg

Greg Zero July17.jpg

Just info from my firmware, as of 2017-10-27:

   Zero MBB log
   Serial number      2014_mbb_0386e1_00129
   VIN                538SM5Z21ECA03455
   Firmware rev.      53
   Board rev.         3
   Model              SS