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Hi, I just wanted to share an experience I've had with a newly acquired 2016 FXS. After riding it in the rain attempting to register it with the local department of licensing, I lost the 12 volt circuit. The high voltage circuit worked fine. I found this this website and tried everything that was brought up about the DC/DC convertor including replacing it. I checked every connector for corrosion and security. I finally bypassed the bike's computer and wired a switch to the DC/DC convertor for 12VDC. As soon as I had the bike restored, the charging system went out with a flashing dash and no charge. I found the inline fuse blown so I replaced it and the charger was back on line. Finally I was able to get it on the road and test drive it around the neighborhood. But then the high voltage system started to act flaky turning off randomly. Back to the drawing board. I pulled the rubber side covers again and checked the fuses. I pulled the computer fuse and checked with a meter for continuity which it did, but I put a different fuse back anyway and magically, the high voltage system came back. Then I put the old fuse back in and it worked. It appeared that the fuse holder itself was the culprit. I quickly replaced the inline glass (outdated) fuses with aircraft circuit breakers of the same rating and the bike has not skipped a beat since. I've run 6 or 7 battery charges and am now starting to have confidence in the machine. I never would have thought that 3 of the simplest devices on the bike would cause such havoc.