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The FX/FXS seat is closer to an offroad "plank" seat, allowing the rider to pick their position forward or back.

2013 and 2018 FX seats
2013 FX seat
2018 FX seat
  • 2010-2013 X seat
    This seat offers additional height and free movement front to back.
    "The 2013 seat is also known as the off-road seat. p/n 24-01596 - SEAT ROODIN RD-M1231-K BLACK. Taller riders tend to like it as well if their butts hit the bump of the contoured seat." per comment on Facebook
  • 2014-current X seat
    Has a cutout / dip.
    Tapers more at the back (pointy), and flows down the sides a bit more too. Basically it's more contoured to the bike.
  • Corbin made a low seat for 2010-2012 X platform models.
M8×25 bolts are listed as the bolts that run through the tail subframe to the bracket at the rear of the seat to hold it in place.
Replacement Fitments
Harlan at Hollywood Electrics reports that the FX seat is an exact match for the 2005-2007 Honda CRF-450.