Z-Force Motor/Shaft

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The motor shaft is keyed; the key has a square cross section.
  • Dimensions seem to be ¼” square ⨉ 2.0” length (expressed in metric on drawings).
  • Ends 5mm from shaft end.
  • Shaft diameter is ⌀28.275mm+0-0.021
  • Shaft length extends 66.675mm beyond the motor face minus 4mm for raised parts of the face.
2013 models had a minor recall about the shaft key coming loose, but this was a design revision that has not recurred.
The motor shaft is splined to allow higher torque transmission.
Rumor has it (via Harlan at Hollywood Electrics) that the spline is supposed to match a Kawasaki KX250F as well as a Yamaha YZ450F.