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Zero sells a custom version of the Delta-Q QuiQ Charger for the Zero battery pack.

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OEM Quick Charger
1kW per unit
Handles 110V or 220V and varying AC frequencies.
Officially-tested, certified, and warranty-supported in configurations by Zero yearly in up to 4 units per motorcycle.
Physical Attributes
Easily fits Zero's Givi E21 side cases.
Ruggedized (IP66 rating) with cooling fins but no active cooling.
Plugs into the accessory charging port.
Can be combined using Y-adapter cables with other Quick Chargers for up to 4kW additional charging (4 chargers with 3 Y-adapter cables).
Maintains the bike in charging mode even when keyed off (charge-mode enable integration).
How to Charge a Zero Electric Motorcycle, by Proximidude shows how to use one with an FX.
"charger has a 10k pullup to 5V on the center pin. That won't start charging without the key or onboard to begin, but it will continue charging and indicating after key off and onboard off." (credit to Keith,