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OEM Windscreens

See OEM Touring Screen Install for installing any of Zero's current windscreens.

Zero Touring Windscreen

Recent addition with a spoiler and more design for aerodynamic comfort.

Zero Commuter Windscreen

Provides efficiency gains of 10-15% particularly when crouched.

Zero Dual Sport Windscreen

Relatively modest with more angular styling.

Official Third-Party Windscreens

Madstad Windscreens

Madstad makes an adjustable fitment for 2013+ Zero SDS Platform models with tint and height (18-24") options with a recommendation table for rider height!

Product Page

California Scientific

California Scientific makes touring windscreens for SDS Platform Zeros.

They have a particular design philosophy around windscreens that works rather well for good airflow and low drag.

Universal and Adapted Windscreens

MRA Windscreens

Makes the mounts and windscreens that Zero brands for its bikes. They have other options that provide some choices.
See OEM Touring Screen Install for installing any of MRA's universal windscreens.
See I want to mount a MRA V-FLOW X-CREEN SPORT TYP "C" on my Zero FXS for MRA fitment details examined for an FXS

Puig Windscreens

Makes windscreens and mounts for sportbikes, naked bikes, and cruisers.

Parabellum Windscreens

Makes windscreens designed for maximum efficiency, claims +15mpg difference at highway speeds for a number of motorcycle models.
Offers some windshields for naked bikes that can be adapted to a Zero:
Discussion thread proving and itemizing a BMW fitting by user:BrianTRice. Efficiency gains are 15-20% except in severe headwinds.


Slipstreamer S-05 Turbo Zero SR install confirmation, with a successful aerodynamic and comfort improvement. (forum reference).
Slipstreamer Spitfire install confirmation.
Slipstreamer SS-10 Viper install confirmation.

Chinese LARGE Windscreen from eBay

This is apparently a family of windscreens (sport-touring and cruiser style) with handlebar mounts. They are cheap ($55) but not of great quality.
First found EBay listing
EBay Search: Large 19"x17" Clear Windshield For Motorcycle Yamaha Cruiser 7/8 & 1"Handlebars
Post from a Zero owner and his experience on this windscreen: Re: Zero's been watching us (windscreen)

Givi Windscreens

Givi A660 Universal Airstar Windscreen

Nate Nelson reports on Zero Motorcycles Owners Group (F-Book) it's worked well for 2000 miles on his Zero S
Givi USA Product page
Revzilla listing