Footpeg Vibration

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The footpeg has very occasionally been noticed to transmit vibrations felt through the rider's feet.

Potential Causes
  • If the vibration only occurs periodically while riding but at idle, it seems to be normal for 2020+ models, and may be related to motor-controller alignment programming.
  • It may be related to belt tension and alignment, or another part of the rear powertrain.
  • Check for any other sounds which would help indicate what's causing the vibration.
  • Check for and fix any belt alignment issues.
  • If the vibration feels mechanical in nature, like something is displaced:
    • Check for any play in the wheel relative to the swingarm, which would suggest a bearing issue.
    • Check for any play in the swingarm relative to the frame, which would suggest a swingarm mount issue.
    • Check for motor mount play, front sprocket play, or check MBB logs for motor-controller encoder alignment issues.