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This adapts third-party handlebars to replace Zero's Handlebar.

  • Check the Handlebar article for fitment; the center and outer diameters are main critical dimension.
  • The stock handlebar has 3 holes to index the switches and throttle. You can grind the pins off, or drill the new bars to accept the pins.
  • TT25 tamper resistant Torx bit and socket wrench.
  • Center punch.
  • Drill.
  1. Remove the throttle and switchgear.
    The most difficult thing is that the throttle is held on by 2 TT25 tamper resistant torx bolts.
    This is just a torx with a pin in the center.
    Also the throttle has a return spring that is a little tricky to reinstall.
    Try to loosen the screws just enough to let the pin clear the bar and slide off.
    If it does come apart I believe there’s instructions on here about reassembling it.
  2. Remove the handlebar.
    Loosen the bolts for the risers evenly and then remove the risers and then the handlebar.
  3. Drill 3 holes onto the aftermarket bars to index the throttle and switchgear.
    These were measured from one bike (2015FX) - verify and correct for your own as appropriate.
    To determine the angle of the holes, set the bars next to each other and look at the angle of each hole.
    Center punch and drill.
    • 1 on the left for the switchgear 3/16”, 6.5” from the end of the bar.
    • 1 on the right inner for the throttle 3/16”, 7 3/16” from the bar end.
    • 1 more on the right outer for the switches 5/32”, 6” from the bar end.
  4. Install the aftermarket handlebar.
    Fasten the risers over the handlebar to hold it and check the angle.