Charge Tank/6kW Revision

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Provides 6.5kW but does not engage the Onboard Charger unless connected to 110V power.
If the onboard charger is separately engaged (on 110V or 220V circuits), a potential total of 7.8kW is available.
  • Unless the bike is a single-long-brick bike (7.2kWh) in which case it would exceed the ~7kW limit set by the 1C rate limit on the contactor.
released October 2017.
  • Initially only available as a factory installed option for 2018+ models
  • Now available as a dealer-installed accessory for 2015+ models.
The hardware seems to have been developed by Zero and as such is proprietary.
Zero Charge Tank User Guide
install video by a dealer showing what it looks like under the tank
Zero Charge Tank 6kw Installation Instructions