Charging While Towing

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Recover range while moving a Zero motorcycle after it has been stranded.
  1. Hold the front wheel up.
  2. Key the bike on.
  3. Set neutral brake regen to the maximum value.
Warning Warning: This is extremely risky mechanically
User:Togo's experience report

I've done it. I towed my 14 SR Zero, held by front wheel, from California to Arizona, and with key-on and throttle-off regen set to max, it did charge.

I will say I can't advise it, and I will not do it the same way again. The device that holds front the wheel up is kind of sketch, and the motorcycle will tilt very alarmingly when you make turns, put a lot of stress on it. And if you worry about clearance, and get a riser to lift the motorcycle up more, it will actually tilt all the way to where it drags when you turn. That's the geometry of using the motorcycle's own pivot for the tow.

I kept the rear-view camera on the entire trip, and I'm glad I did.

Now, if I could find a version of the tow gadget that was less sketch, one that had its own pivot and kept the motorcycle upright through turns, maybe I'd do it again.