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These pages cover any procedure that involves the Zero powertrain or risks electrical safety or significant electrical damage.

Warning Warning: Every procedure described here should be treated as a High voltage situation!
Powertrain Concerns
  • Although Zero's electric powertrain generally operates at or under 116V DC, there are significant risks in handling and manipulating subsystem components.
  • Zero's powertrain handles hundreds of amps of current and subsystems have capacitive elements which retain energy after keying the vehicle off.
  • Any handling of terminals or connections should be approached with extreme caution and under the advisement of a professional.
  • Any modification to the core powertrain risks grave harm or injury to the technician and the rider.
  • Any mistake made while de-energized may not manifest until operating the vehicle in safety-critical circumstances.
Disclaimer Disclaimer: If you are not prepared to void your warranty, do not attempt anything listed here.
  • Any result of undertaking advice written in these procedures is your responsibility.