Fender Brace

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The DS/DSR/FX/FXS models have a dual sport high fender which does flex a bit at speed.

Some research indicates that the bolt pattern mounting the fender matches the Honda XR650L, allowing third-party fenders to replace it.
Confirmed Fits
JSN Engineering's fender braces.
JSN Engineering also offers an auxilliary LED mount that uses the same attachment point.
The pattern is 4 holes in a rectangular shape 58mm (2.3in) wide and 50mm (1.95in) front to back (center to center).
The bolts are M5x15mm button head socket screw for a 3mm Allen key.
  1. Remove the fender with a 3mm Allen key.
  2. Install the fender brace above the fender and replace the fender.
  3. Flex the fender to match the fender brace while keeping the mounting bolts in the fender to hold the brace the way it will be installed.
  4. Mark the fender where the holes for bracing align with the fender plastic.
  5. Remove the fender and drill holes matching the marks.
    Double check how the alignment should happen since flexing will cause it to differ.
  6. Replace the fender with the brace above it, and then fasten the fender to the brace.
the S fork bracket has the same hole pattern as the DS, allowing it to mount hardware there.