Gen2/Motor Removal

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  • M8 Allen socket
  • Torque wrench
  1. Perform a lockout on the powertrain.
  2. Remove the swingarm.
    First you have to remove the swing-arm (that is pretty straight forward) some big bolts in the pivot and disconnet the shock.
    You can leave the brake lines attached and just move the swingarm out of the way when the motor needs to come out.
  3. Unplug the sensor connector near the front of the contoller on the riders right side of the bike.
  4. Un-bolt the 3 phase leads to the motor controller.
    It's a good idea to insulate them just in case the bike is powered on.
  5. Disconnect the motor from the bike.
    On the motor there are 8 M8 bolts holding the motor in place: 4 on the drive side, 4 on the rear side.
    Those bolts only have about 12Nm of torque on them.
  6. Once you have the motor disconnected and un-bolted from the frame, it should slide out towards the back.