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This is a quick lookup for the red sequences flashed by the dash System Warning Indicator (a red triangle with an exclamation mark within it).

These are derived from the Official Owners Manual only for roadside reference and owner community annotations and links.
The red indicator light in the lower part of the display sometimes will flash a repeating sequence.
The Official Owners Manual lists what they mean, usually related to system startup.
Often enough, keying the bike off and on is the way to re-test.
System Warning Troubleshooting
  1. Toggle the Instrument Cluster's Display A to show Error Codes.
  2. Check the corresponding Error Codes
    Some will be expected like kickstand down based on your context.
    Focus on topical system errors related to the System Warning.
  3. Attempt a basic reboot:
    1. Charging: disconnect the external power source from the vehicle.
    2. Key the bike off.
    3. Wait several seconds or a minute in length depending on severity of the error.
    4. Key the bike on, checking for a normal startup sequence, contactors closing, and no errors.
  4. If the System Warning persists, and it is related to the BMS, perform a BMS Reset Procedure (soft and then hard reset).
  5. If the System Warning persists, attempt to extract MBB logs.
    Urgent/Roadside: Email logs to yourself, then decode using a log parser.
    Non-Urgent or Important: Email logs to Zero.
  6. If no clear resolution is at hand, contact Zero and/or your local dealer to schedule servicing.
Warning Blink Sequences
# Blinks Description Cause Guidance
1 ············ Fast constantly Safety Override is Active
· · · · · · · · Fast intermittently BMS Isolation Fault Check the BMS Isolation Fault section of the manual
Moisture and/or dirt are the most likely culprits.
— = 1 long
  • Charge Indicator blinking fast constantly
  • or all blinking dash segments
Charger Not Charging Probably a CAN Error
Unplug the bike and wait a minute to re-engage
1 long Cutout switch engaged or Kickstand Switch Disabled Disengage the cutout switch and/or raise the kickstand.
2 ·· 2 short Self-test failed
3 ·   ··· 1 short, then 3 short High Throttle Disable The throttle signal is abnormally high or disconnected.
See Error Code 1: Check throttle rotation and connections.
4 ·   ···· 1 short, then 4 short Precharge Fail See Error Code 27.
5 ·   ····· 1 short, then 5 short Low Power Pack Disable See Error Code 7: Battery voltage is too low to operate
Charge slowly as soon as possible.
6 ··   · 2 short, then 1 short Contactor Error See Error Codes related to the Contactor.
7 ··   ·· 2 short, then 2 short Charger Error See Error Codes related to the Charger.
8 ··   ··· 2 short, then 3 short CAN Error
9 ··   ···· 2 short, then 4 short BMS Throttle Disable See Error Codes related to the Throttle.
10 ··   ····· 2 short, then 5 short Module Variance Too High See Error Code 32
11 ···   ··· 3 short, then 3 short Battery Temperature Sensor Fault See Error Code 18: A temperature sensor failure reduces safety; arrange a dealer visit.
Not urgent to fix unless other battery problems are apparent from logs/etc.
12 ····   · 4 short, then 1 short Contactor Welded See Error Code 26
13 ····   ··· 4 short, then 3 short Motor Controller Error See Error Codes related to the Controller.
14 ····   ···· 4 short, then 4 short Loopback Error See Error Code 35
Reconnect either an expected second battery module or Power Tank, if present.
Otherwise, reconnect the blanking plug.
15 ·····   · 5 short, then 1 short BMS Startup Error
16 ·····   ·· 5 short, then 2 short BMS Internal Disable
17 ·····   ··· 5 short, then 3 short BMS Internal Fault
18 ·····   ····· 5 short, then 5 short Miscellaneous Error