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Harlan at Hollywood Electrics sold a customized, programmed Elcon PFC 2500 charger to work well with the Zero battery pack.

Product Page
Elcon Quick Charger
The Elcon Quick Charger product page is no longer available (this link is form archive.org's wayback machine).
Presumably it can be ordered specially or serviced but it seems like the latest TC 3.3kW Charger (which Elcon also offers) in the 3.3kW configuration is considered a better value and the way to go forward.
It is programmed for the Zero voltage range and performs smooth charging cutbacks as a full voltage is approached.
The output leading to the accessory charging port uses the signal pins (Enable Line) to ensure that the motorcycle stays in charging mode once charging has started, even without the onboard charger or leaving the motorcycle keyed on.
The input plug is an IEC 60320 C20 coupler instead of Elcon's stock NEMA 5-15P plug (for US 110V outlets).
See Custom J1772 Adapter
This includes a splitter for the onboard charger, for conveniently reaching 3.8kW for a single Elcon or 6.6kW for dual Elcon inputs.
A single Elcon or a pair may be accommodated.
NEMA 14-50 (typical RV park 50A plug) support is also available.
Other customizations can be accommodated on request.

DIY assembly of power cables and adapters is possible and can be cheaper than purchasing, but should be learned and performed carefully to avoid high power electrical faults that could cause damage or injury. Crimping should be performed by a professional with the best possible tool for the connectors and cable gauge to avoid dangerous bad connections.

Product Information
Elcon PFC 2500
It is very flexible and robust, but requires programming to adapt it to a specific vehicle.
It performs at 2.5kW at 220V AC input or at 1.2kW at 110V AC input (effectively current-limited).
It is primarily designed for use in electric forklifts and light industrial trucks.
As delivered, it takes power in through a NEMA 5-15P plug and outputs through a grey Anderson connector.
The Elcon PFC product range offers a variety of power outputs; the 2500 happens to be the most powerful that can be effectively carried on a Zero in a Givi case.