Motor Whirring

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The motor on 2013+ models makes a white noise sound at very slow speeds when rotated (by the wheels or shaft).

This is also described as a "whirring sound".
This is alluded to by the term "cogging".
This is normal as long as it sounds like white noise and occurs as described below.
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Related Confirming Symptoms
  • The noise should only occur while the motor is rotated by external input (pushing the bike around or rotating the shaft).
  • The noise should not while under power (when the motor is driving its own rotation).
  • The bike should gently resist being pushed while the noise is audible.
  • The direct cause is the controller applying a white noise field to the motor at very slow speeds.
  • At least one connected battery's contactor must have been engaged for this to occur.
    This can occur while keyed on, or while charging.
  • There are no detrimental effects, when the sound occurs by design.
  • The purpose is for the controller to detect and maintain precise knowledge of the motor's rotor angle.
  • This ensures that, if the throttle demands operation, the controller will apply the field correctly to the rotor.
  • You may infer that at least one contactor is engaged to power the controller.
  • If the bike is keyed on, you may infer that the motorcycle should be ready to drive.
    (aside from the kickstand and kill switch safety interlocks).