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Zero provides dealers software for ordering parts.

The parts program is run over the Web, probably from Zero HQ.
It's similar to mainstream motorcycle manufacturer software, but not identical - and at least one difference can significantly affect ordering (see below).

The standard parts-ordering model is to have the parts sent to the dealer, where they can be picked up or re-shipped to the customer.

This lets the dealer handle issues, but offers a point of delay if communication between the dealer and Zero is not regular.
Ordering through a dealer for shipping directly to the customer may be more expedient
  • There's a main drop-down menu set that shows the various Zero models and years.
  • The user specifies a year and model, orders parts for it, then changes to a different year and/or model to order parts for that one.
    The fleet models (DSP, MMX, etc.) have not been noticed in this selector.
  • Once the model & year are selected, there are various diagrams that can be opened.
  • The user clicks on a number in the diagram, and a new window opens with specific part information.
    There's no parts list underneath corresponding to the diagram numbers.
  • Part information is a single line listing:
    1. Part number
    2. Brief Descriptive Name
    3. (Occasional) long description
    4. Price
  • All this info (including superseding P/N's) is included on other ordering programs' parts lists, under the diagrams.
Parts Listed As Not Available
One thing you do not want to see in the part screen is Part Not Available (which seems to mean Part Availability not available).
  • Re-ordering the parts in the next order seems to work consistently despite this.
  • If the part you want is used over several models and/or years, you could potentially order the same part for multiple years/models, and chances are one of them will show as available and can actually be ordered.
Since all this parts stuff is dealer-eyes-only it's pretty difficult to determine for certain which parts are used for which years - Zero website photos are one guide.

An interesting hint: regarding the chain kit, all the individual parts can be ordered from the '13 MX section, along with the shock protector.

Parts Revisions
Zero doesn't really supercede parts numbers in the Honda sense (giving new part numbers to identical or nearly-identical older parts, usually when they're used again on a later-model machine and/or are supplied by a new vendor).
Instead, Zero does part substitutions as:
  • An older p/n is replaced with the p/n of the latest version of a part with similar function; then the original part number may or may not be removed from the database, resulting in some perfectly-good p/n's for unique older parts that come back as NG when entered. This has happened to me 5 times, resulting in the return of four useless-to-me parts (I would've returned all 5, but I didn't notice the small differences until much later :( ). A 6"-too-long rear brake line is pretty much a joke, completely-different LH frame brackets don't work too well on the RH side, etc. etc.
Part Numbering Prefixes
Prefix Meaning
00- Recall
10- Accessories
11- Apparel
12- Dealer Tools
20- Fasteners / Springs / Wiring Support / Swingarm
21- Swingarm
22- Forks / Steering
23- Wheels
24- Bodywork
25- Brakes
26- Frame
27- Controls
30- Final Drive
40- Boards / Dash / Charger
45- Contactor / Charger / Headlamp / Controls / Fuses
46- Battery / Chargetank
56- Electrical
60- Controller
65- Lighting
80- Logos / Emblems
84- Transport
86- Tools
88- Documentation
90- Fasteners
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