SDS Platform/Create Quick Seat Release

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Most motorcycle manufacturers offer a secure but quick seat release using the ignition key.
Accessing the 12V fuse panel without a special tool on the road is the most common use-case.
Accessing the OBD-II port for data logging, diagnostics, or iterative modification is less common but important for supporting other modifications.
  1. Unbolt the bracket from the seat pan.
    Zero uses T45 Torx bolts to secure the seat via a metal bracket.
    Use the bracket in place to anchor the existing seat bolts which stabilize the top rack and/or side racks.
  2. Create a new fastening joint by making a hole in the seat pan.
  3. Create a place for the quick-release control to emerge from the frame around the tail.
  4. Use a quick-release pin to control it through this opening.