SDS Platform/Tank Plastics/Repair

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This is an option for putting the tank plastics back together, given that they were separated for say painting or other process.

  1. towel/soft working surface
  2. tape measure
  3. screwdriver/awl/something to poke 1/4" holes
  4. scissors
  5. cutting blade
  6. double-sided tape (recommend Scotch Outdoor Mounting Tape, 1" wide)
  1. Clean up the plastic rivet heads so they'll smoothly interface with the plastic clamshells again.
    Do a dry fit-check before proceeding.
  1. Clean the plastics thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol or soap/water.
  2. Place the tape along the ridge on the plastic.
    Cut approximately 1/2" x 24" of the double sided tape.
    The Scotch stuff referenced is 1" wide; further cut the strip lengthwise to get two 1/2" strips.
    Tape laid out
    Trim near the left-most lip so it follows the ridge and make a relief cut near the right-hand-side so it'll make the sharp turn.
  3. Poke or cut holes where the rivet heads used to go.
    Holes for the rivet heads
  4. Remove the tape liner, and firmly press the plastic and center section together for about 30 seconds each side.
    Due to the thickness of the Scotch tape there is a ~1/8" gap between the plastic and center section, but it's very consistent and rigid.
    The gap near the front of the tank
    This is near the backside of the tank.  Same size gap, but still very consistent.

Repair Guide: Tank Plastic Clamshell Repair on EMF.