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2013 X Platform Frame
2014-2016 X Platform Frame
The 2013+ Zero frame for FX/FXS (and X/MX/XU) bikes is made of anodized aluminum, weighs 20lbs, and is a combination of cast parts and welded square tubing of 1-inch outer width.
The frame fits two power pack modules, one Long Brick module (2017), or one module and an empty space for carrying small cargo.
The FXP fleet model has a crash guard mount option like the SP/DSP models but is smaller and mounted lower.
Paint matching
All models have the same anodized aluminum with a black finish/paint.
Some paint repair suggestions on this thread are worth examining: FX frame touch up
Iterations by Year
Each year's frame from 2013 onward is incrementally improved and stronger than the prior year.
The 2014 frame changed up the way the side plastics bolt on and provides for the power tank via the carrier bracket.
The 2015 frame included pre-drilled holes for the crash guards for fleet/police models.
The 2016 frame seems to be a little more built-up and has additional members bracing the diagonals to the main beams behind the shoulder.
Common Frame Components
The Swingarm is at least superficially the same as on S Platform models for the same year/generation.
The Steering head tube seems to be the same as on S Platform models for the same year/generation.
Frontend geometry for FX may match DS/DSR, and FXS may match S/SR.