XMX Platform/Tail Wiring

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XMX Platform wiring is mostly the same as for the SDS Platform.

Photo Connector Function Wire Color
FX Tail Wiring Standard Suzuki or Honda brake light (3-wire) Tail light power Brown
Brake light power White with red stripe
Negative/Return Black
Single pin connector
Socket: Molex 03-09-2011 [1] [2]
Pin: Molex 03-09-1011 [3]
Left turn signal power Green
Negative/Return Black
Right turn signal power Grey
Negative/Return Black
Note about Braking Regen
Braking regen is activated by the pressure switch on the front brake lever or hydraulic switch on the rear brake pedal, through the rear brake power circuit.
If that circuit doesn't complete (due to a failed bulb or wiring disconnect), braking regen seems to not activate.
Turn signal wires run through a pair of holes where the tail stalk meets the subassembly underneath the tail.