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Zero offers the only supported top rack solution for 2013+ S platform and X platform models:

Mounting plates
The Givi E251 Monokey universal mounting plate adapts most large Givi cases to the OEM top rack.
Monolock universal mounting plate adapts smaller, more scooter-oriented Givi cases to the OEM top rack.
All Givi top plate options, most not confirmed to fit.
early forum thread about some options
Other manufacturers' top plates should fit if they're meant for a Givi bolt pattern.
Difficulty: Trivial (15 minute job).
See OEM Top Rack Install
Design Issues
  • The rack is only fastened via the two M5 bolts into the top of the frame under the seat.
    Downside: The strain on those bolts can accumulate if the rack has any freedom of motion.
    Upside: This connection makes the top rack a cheap sacrificial point if the bike goes down in a certain way, particularly with the police models' use of a rear rack bar.
    Recommendation: When removing the seat bolts, remove any load from the top rack (and side racks) to avoid straining these bolts and possibly breaking them.
    Don't add load to the racks without the seat bolts inserted.
  • The top rack plate is smaller than a Givi Monokey or other larger vendor's case surface.
    Crafting an aluminum plate to fix to the existing plate is workable with a drill and the right machined piece of (say) aluminum.