SDS Platform/Turn Signal Flasher Replacement

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This replaces the Turn Signal Flasher relay on the SDS Platform.

  1. Remove the seat.
  2. Remove the tank plastics.
  3. Access the front of the tank area under the neck of the frame behind the head tube.
    If your bike has a Charge Tank or Power Tank:
    • Lift that equipment up and out of the way, or
    • Access the relay from the front of the frame under the neck.
    The connectors at the front of the tank
  4. Unplug the existing relay.
  5. Confirm that the polarity of the 3-pin relay matches the new relay.
  6. Plug in the new relay.
  7. Key on the bike and test the turn signals to confirm.
  8. Replace the tank plastics.
  9. Replace the seat.