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The front fender covers the front wheel and acts as a mudguard against the front electrics and the front panel of the battery casing.

Low Fender

The S and SR models have a low front fender.

The low front fender is a colored or painted panel like the tank plastics that hugs the (17") front tire.
The low front fender bolts onto the lower front fork cast aluminum bracketing.
The mounting uses 4 (2 per side) M5x15 bolts with a black finish, with a 3mm Allen/hex key (H3) drive with black plastic washers.
The holes are 85mm apart (centerline-to-centerline), and the width across the brackets measured from the outside face is 192mm across the wheel (taken from a 2020 DSR).
Transfer to other models
It bolts directly onto the FXS' lower forks around its tire even though the FXS comes with a dual sport fender.
See Low Front Fender Swap for how to adapt this to the DS and DSR models.

High Fender

The DS, DSR, and FXS models have a dual sport / high front fender.

The dual sport fender attaches to the underside of the front fork triple tree.
4 holes in a rectangular shape 58mm (2.3in) wide and 50mm (1.95in) front to back (center to center).
The bolts are (at least through 2016) M5x15mm button head socket screw for a 3mm Allen key.
The bolts on 2017?-present models are M5x15mm flanged socket head screws for a T25 Torx key.
This fender also fits a S/SR model.
A Honda or Yamaha dual sport fender should fit this pattern without modification.