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The CCU (Meanwell-charger-equipped models only for 2013 and 2014FX) and BMS manage the onboard charger and the battery's contactor to prevent or cut off charging in a number of conditions.

The contactor makes an audible “click” sound when closing and opening.
  • Don't twist the throttle after turning the bike on until you hear that click.
    The bike prevents itself from lurching forward if the contactor closes while the throttle is open, but you shouldn't rely on that or find yourself surprised.
  • Similarly, do not start charging without a closed contactor.
    The onboard charger will enable charging mode by CAN bus communications, or keying the bike on can at least close the contactor for drive mode.
    Charging mode can be retained through charging port inputs at the signal pins, but they cannot initiate charging mode.

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