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The XMX Platform FX/FXS models have removable power pack modules that can be charged while off the bike.
NOTE: 2017 models do not have modular packs unless requested as an extra-cost option.
  • Charging packs off the bike can be useful when the bike is parked where there is no power available.
  • It can also be faster because the external chargers have higher wattage and can be combined using Y adapters.
  • Swapping fully charged packs with a depleted ones is by far the fastest way to recharge an electric motorcycle; it can be done in minutes.
  • The power packs are easily removed but they weigh over 40 pounds (19 kg) each, so handling requires strength and care.
  • To use two separately-charged packs together, it is best to charge them to the same voltage / SoC.
    The bike tries to use both packs equally at the same time.
    If one has a higher charge state, it will use it until it matches the lower-charged one and then use both together.
    That can reduce the bike performance at high speeds and torque demand since it can't use both packs when they are unbalanced.
Connecting external chargers to the power packs requires the Power Pack Module Charging Adapter sold by Zero for $140 each.
Power Pack Module Charging Adapter Wiring
Combining external chargers for one Power Pack module requires the Quick Charger Y Adapter sold by Zero for $250 each.
Each Y cable joins 2 chargers. Joining 4 chargers requires 3 cables; two cables join each pair of chargers, and then the third cable joins the output of each Y cable.
DIY OPTION: See the Y-Cable instructions to make one using Anderson connectors.
A wide variety of charging connections can be used on and off the bike with various charging rates and AC power requirements.
Here are the possibilities using various chargers combined with the onboard 650W Calex charger in some cases.
The C-Rate is computed for a ZF3.3 Power Pack Module shipped on 2016-2017 models.
Older models carrying a ZF2.8 will require multiplying this rate by 1.17.
Charging Configurations
Chargers Circuit Rating
External Model Per-Unit Power Rate Packs Onboard External Y-cables @ 120V @ 240V
N/A 0 0.10C 2 0 0 15A 10A
0.20C 1
OEM Quick Charger 1kW
0.14C 2 1 1 if off bike 15A 10A
0.24C 2 1 0
0.28C 1 1 0
0.28C 2 2 1 if on bike 20A 10A
0.38C 2 2 1 25A 15A
0.55C 1 2 1 if on bike 20A 10A
0.55C 2 4 3 50A 25A
0.65C 2 4 3 50A 25A
0.75C 1 2 1 25A 15A
Elcon 2500 2.5kW 0.44C 2 1 0 15A
0.54C 2
0.87C 1
DigiNow SuperCharger 3.3kW 0.58C 2 1 0 15A
0.68C 2 20A
Over-Rating Configurations
Power Pack Discharge / Diagnostics Adapter

Single Brick off bike Pack SOC tester, close contactor A variation of the DIY charging adapter, this controls the enable signal for testing.

Pack discharge adaptor.png
Zero FX Single Battery Block Hack video on YouTube:

Packs that are off the bike can be monitored to determine the state of charge by measuring the voltage:

  • Use a DVM with probes as shown to get a reading between 90 and 117 volts.
Measure pack voltage.jpg
  • Then use these graphs to find the approximate charge level that the bike will report.
Voltage vs SoC SoC vs Voltage