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===FST Fender Eliminator===
===FST Fender Eliminator===
Corbin has created a undertail kit for the 2020 [https://www.corbin.com/zero/zsrs20tail.shtml SR/S] and [https://www.corbin.com/zero/zsrftail.shtml SR/F] models.
Corbin has created per-model fender eliminator kits for the [https://www.corbin.com/zero/zsrs20tail.shtml SR/S] and [https://www.corbin.com/zero/zsrftail.shtml SR/F] models.
==[[Gen2/Front Fender|Front Fender]]==
==[[Gen2/Front Fender|Front Fender]]==

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Zero seems reluctant to commit to an OEM fairing design, for probably mostly business, branding, and budget reasons.

However, a well designed conventional front fairing should increase range at highway speeds by 30%.
A front fairing with a carefully crafted rear tail could do more, up to 50% (oversimplifying how this works here).

Full Fairings

Hollywood Electrics Fairing

Hollywood Electrics has created a custom sport-touring fairing adapted from their racing bikes.

Full cockpit.
  • Sets the headlamp forward by 4".
  • Sets the dash / instrument cluster forward by 4".
Bracketing organizes 12V wiring behind the headlamp.
Fairing protects the dash / instrument cluster from weathering.
Installs setback risers to help the handlebars clear the fairing.
Allows using flush or non-stock turn signals on the fairing chin.
Allows using fairing-mounted mirrors on the upper edge of the fairing around the windscreen.
  • Airflow is managed very well, only a soft updraft occurs from the underside.
  • No turbulance induced on the upper edge with any tested windscreen.
  • At least 10% range improvement over stock; possibly 15% depending on rider and tuning.
  • Creates a larger space for tucking while riding, minimizing the effects of a rough headwind.
Price is $1295, or $1495 with a paint scheme matching the 2018 SR model.
Red/white/blue Hollywood Electrics racing bike with an early fairing model
3 red/white/blue Hollywood Electrics racing bikes with early fairing models
Terry Hershner's faired Zero (with Husky)
Metallic Ocean Blue Zero SR with the fairing
Zero DSR with the fairing in glossy grey
3 Zeros (DSR and SR) in a combined short
Fitting a Hollywood Electrics Fairing by Justin Andrews shows an installation!

See the Zero customizers page for some faired Zero offerings by Hollywood Electrics and others.

Cosmetic Bodywork


  • The Power Tank and Charge Tank have tank plastic options which can be bought separately or selected for color customization.
    Both use a relatively flat surface for the centerpiece, and the Charge Tank has a J1772-sized inlet hold with built in waterproof cover with a spring-loaded hinge.
    As of 2017, the Charge Tank centerpiece is separately available as part number 24-08137 for $40, to turn your existing tank plastics into a J1772-inlet-using tank.


Hollywood Electrics devised some carbon fiber body pieces:

OEM Fly Screen

The OEM Fly Screen provides 2013 Zero models with a small but reasonably good-looking hard plastic shroud around the Koso instrument cluster above the headlamp.

Flyscreen over dash
Flyscreen installed
Presumably this has a marginal effect on drag and energy consumption, but it probably helps smooth airflow with or without a windscreen.
2014+ S models have a plastic enclosure for the headlamp that interferes with this.
Flyscreen parts
  • Flyscreen
  • Flyscreen rubber bumper with tape
  • (2) spacers
  • (2) M5⨉25 cap head bolts
  • 3mm Allen key
  • Cutting tool (~scissors)
  1. Remove the upper mounting screws for the headlight.
  2. Place the included bolts through the holes in the side of the flyscreen.
  3. Place the spacers onto the bolts on the inside of the flyscreen.
  4. Carefully place the flyscreen over the headlamp, matching the bolt position to the upper headlight mounting holes.
    The bolts must be withdrawn slightly to surround the headlight mount points.
  5. Engage the flyscreen mounting bolts to hold the flyscreen onto the headlight.
  6. Cut the rubber bumper's two side spacers off.
  7. Place the bumper against the top of the Koso gauge instrument cluster.
  8. Remove the tape along the top and press the flyscreen to it.
  9. Tighten the flyscreen mounting bolts.

Tank Grips

Tank grip pads are very useful for maintaining a crouched position comfortably and getting better control over the balance of the motorcycle.

Zero DS tank grip installed on a 2016DSR

As of 2017, Zero offers soft TechSpec tank pads for 2013+ models on the S platform for $60:


TechSpec makes many different shapes in a soft material. Some generic shapes are suitable for customizing (1200GS pads fit the DS tank with a little adjustment) with the right cutting tools.


OEM Rain Guard

This is a modest and inexpensive mudguard that mounts to the underside of the license plate tail extension.

The Install page walks through installing it; pretty straightforward.

Universal Motorcycle Rear Fenderguard

Recommendation with photos
NOTE: This has been observed to fail when encountering any non-trivial debris, and could very dangerously dig into the rear tire.
This mounts to the axle on the right side and adjustably extends over the rear upper quarter of the rear tire.
It extends far enough to easily clear the DS tires.
The bracket fits under the axle nut without compromising its fastening, although it does not snuggly conform to the axle diameter.

Fender Eliminator

SDS Fender Eliminator

R&G Racing Tail Tidy fender eliminator
Video Instructions

FST Fender Eliminator

Corbin has created per-model fender eliminator kits for the SR/S and SR/F models.

Front Fender

Low Sport Fender Swap

Replace the high dual sport front fender with the low front fender from the sport models.
Confirmed Fits
The S/SR front fender bolts directly onto the FXS lower forks, for those interested.
The DS/DSR/FX/FXS high dual sport front fender bolts directly onto the sport models, but this is not considered helpful.
Adapter Brackets
Cheap custom brackets will adapt the S/SR low front fender for the DS/DSR 19" wheel.
The brackets arrange for an offset in the mounting holes so that the fender sits higher around the top of the larger wheel.

Fender Brace

The DS/DSR/FX/FXS models have a dual sport high fender which does flex a bit at speed.

Some research indicates that the bolt pattern mounting the fender matches the Honda XR650L, allowing third-party fenders to replace it.
Confirmed Fits
JSN Engineering's fender braces.
JSN Engineering also offers an auxilliary LED mount that uses the same attachment point.
The pattern is 4 holes in a rectangular shape 58mm (2.3in) wide and 50mm (1.95in) front to back (center to center).
The bolts are M5x15mm button head socket screw for a 3mm Allen key.
  1. Remove the fender with a 3mm Allen key.
  2. Install the fender brace above the fender and replace the fender.
  3. Flex the fender to match the fender brace while keeping the mounting bolts in the fender to hold the brace the way it will be installed.
  4. Mark the fender where the holes for bracing align with the fender plastic.
  5. Remove the fender and drill holes matching the marks.
    Double check how the alignment should happen since flexing will cause it to differ.
  6. Replace the fender with the brace above it, and then fasten the fender to the brace.
the S fork bracket has the same hole pattern as the DS, allowing it to mount hardware there.


A streamlined electric motorcycle could be extremely efficient and practical.

  • Terry Hershner and Craig Vetter's Zero Streamliner proved that efficiency was possible by setting several records.
  • This was done at a cost of altering the frame, considered impractical by many.
  • Vetter has shown that his full teardrop reduces highway speed energy use by 50%.
    It is optimized for 70 MPH with a 30 MPH headwind.

Reducing drag by mounting fairings that reduce the overall wetted surface of the vehicle and distributing pressure over the surface of that body.

See Also
  • Loss of efficiency at speed is very high for a motorcycle and rider.
  • Recharge rates for electric motorcycles will be roughly proportional to discharge rates at highway speeds for the near-term future.
So, minimizing drag changes the ratio of time spent riding to charging, which makes a Zero more suitable for travel.

Vetter Streamlining

Craig Vetter has been working on eco travel options for motorcycles for decades.

He recently got enthusiastic about electric motorcycle focus and helped Terry Hershner perform his streamlined cross-country trips, and has had a more conventional variant in the works for a couple of years.
However, a recent riding accident has slowed or halted this progress.
Vetter has three major goals for a streamline fairing which have tradeoffs against each other:
  1. Range
  2. Comfort
  3. Speed
The Vetter streamliner kit is available for sale for $2000 plus taxes and shipping.
The kit consists of fiberglass pieces made by molds held by Mike Corbin at his factory for:
  1. The forward nosecone in upper and lower halves.
  2. A "turret" piece made to rotate with the steering column.
  3. A "seatback" piece meant to smoothly re-attach turbulent air behind the rider's body onto the tail.
They require a significant amount of fabrication, planning, and work to mount.
All existing fitments are bespoke and unfit for even boutique level of adoption without major manufacturing commitment (a custom vehicle from the ground up).
2013+ S Platform Fitment
A full 2013+ fitment for an S Platform Zero has not been proven, and would require significant discovery and iteration, or a drastic change in design priorities.
Terry's streamliner Zero is a 2012 fitment that involved massive destructive modifications to the frame, and is essentially a retired experimental vehicle.
The nosecone or front fairing would reasonably mount to an extension of the OEM crash bars along that plane in a forward diagonal arc.
The seatback assumes destructive removal of the entire tail of the vehicle, completely repositioning the seat and controller to serve the purpose of the vision (minimizing frontal area).
Since this operation would destroy the resale value of the vehicle and require significant shop expertise to carry out effectively, they are unsuitable for a kit.

Other Streamlining

Airtech Streamlining offers a number of fairings that are roughly suitable for various parts of the vision:

  • Vintage Dustbin fairings
    These are smaller than the Vetter nosecone but lightweight and effective.
    The DBL1 seems most effective, and the DBL2 has been tried with some success.
    The parabolic or egg-shell shape is stronger and more aerodynamic.
    No cutouts are provided for the wheel or headlamp.
    The side profile is somewhat wider but the fairing admits some flex to change its aspect ratio.
    Wider, allowing more clearance around the 19" DS wheel and tire.
    Includes a basic cutout for the wheel, and a broad cutout for the headlamp.
    Side nacelles allow some air cooling to pass within the fairing.
    Low height limits its benefit to airflow without additional fabrication to close up the area around and behind the steering head.
    Square frontal profile reduces lean angle significantly without bringing the fairing too high for drag reduction.
    Vertical sidewalls are not as rigid, requiring reinforcement.
    Gilera / NSU / Agusta
    The Gilera is small and even lower than the DBL2, so not useful.
    The NSU and Agusta fairings are narrow but may prove useful for a bike with a sport-sized (17") front wheel.
    Vintage Full fairings
    These are good conventional fairings with a streamlining design.
    Wheel covers will still be quite helpful.
    All of these dump air straight onto a radiator area, but on a Zero this dumps air straight onto the front battery face, so they are somewhat compromised.
    Vintage Fairing Brackets
    These help for most of these fairings where pushing the headlamp forward from the steering column is required.
  • Land Speed Record Fairings are for a GSX1300R Hyabusa, but probably can be fit to a Zero (TBD).